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Women have intrigued me forever. They are capable to evoke from fascination to even intimidation.

The feminine figure has been a permanent theme in art; the nature of her beauty

has devoted attraction and exaltation.

My passion is gathered here, on one hand, photography and on the other, women

in her basic and most natural being.

My tool is the light, like the chisel for the sculptor, is what allows me to reveal or

hide ,enhance or create. I can tell that in most of my images, the lighting setup comes

first on my mind, and then after, the human figure that will shine under it.

Feminine nude had been a tabu since my childhood, an unknown and censorized

horizon. Now as an adult, I can get close to that enigma, in a way that I can admire and

acknowledge the wonders of women's body, and capture its essence in light and

shadow. These images pay homage to a concept that was once a secret.

A woman with her beauty surprises me, she makes me act different, she motivates me,

and with her charm, she plays a "power role".

In my images I show in all its plenitude the confidence and strength that emanates

from this power in different circumstances, in atmospheres that are not necessarily

intimate but, are away from the every day life, in attitudes in which the woman knows

her dominance and lead role of the situation, and the presence of the camera is


I portray the beauty of the body in an elegant style, at some points sensually, and

definitely sculptural, and adding to this, I keep the anonymity of my models as part of

the attraction and enigma that surrounds the feminine physique.

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